Nerve Slider Videos: Calming down that irritated nervous system

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Published on: March 5, 2012

Audience: Patients

Purpose: Demonstrate simple movements to calm, move and make healthy some irritated nerves.
Disclaimer: Not to be done if painful. Do 5-6 to start. Always under health professional guidance.

Radial Nerve

Median Nerve

Ulnar Nerve


Musculocutaneous nerve slider

Very similar to the radial nerve but instead of bending your wrist so that the back of your hand faces the floor and your palm faces backwards you should let your palm face upwards, keep your thumb tucked in and then tilt your wrist to the side of your pinky finger.

This slider may be helpful with those with anterior shoulder pain that are told they have bicipital tendinopathy.

Sciatic, Tibial or Peroneal Nerve (Slump Slider aka Flossing)

Sciatic, Tibial or Peroneal Nerve (Long sitting slider)

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  3. What program did you use for creating these 3D animations?

    Thanks, Eric

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