Some people wouldn't know what to do with themselves if they didn't own a car. But when living in Toronto, it's more than possible to get everywhere you need to go without getting behind the wheel. You can find your way to work and back as well as run all of your errands on a Saturday without your own vehicle. Here are some of the best options when it comes to traveling around this city.

The Toronto Transit Commission runs a series of buses, streetcars, and subways throughout the downtown core and outer areas of Toronto. Thousands of people commute every weekday to their workplace using this system and find that it is a reliable, convenient and relatively cheap option for getting around. They also appreciate the fact they can read or catch up on sleep with a nap while someone else drives. They also do not have to navigate through the busy city traffic congestion.

If you're new to the city than you should check out all of the different possible routes, schedules, fares and passes at

If you're interested in getting some exercise as you get from point A to B then there is always the option of biking. You will find that there are bike racks available throughout the city and lots of people who choose this option during the warmer months. If you're running a household plus raising a family and working, then you might not have the time to get to the gym regularly. This is a great way to make the most of your commuting time.

Sometimes you might need the use of a car just for a few hours. This might be to move some furniture or just to travel a little ways out of the city. This is when a service like ZipCar can really come in handy. These are vehicles that are placed throughout the downtown area that you can rent on an hourly basis. There are all sorts of different sizes to suit your needs and, for most circumstances, it works out to being cheaper than getting a standard rental.

Those traveling a little further out of the city also have the option of using the GO Train or bus system. If you're living in sections of the GTA like Brampton or Oakville and you need to get downtown for something like a meeting or to do some shopping, this is a quick and convenient choice.

If you move to the city you will find that the majority of people you meet either walk, bus, ride the subway or train to get where they need to go. In fact, offices that are located right downtown, rely on their proximity to public transit to be a selling point for customers as well as staff. You can see here that their office is located within the PATH system, a fabulous network of underground pathways that connects more than 50 buildings in the downtown core. This remarkable, though sometimes confusing, set of connecting "tunnels" means never having to step outside in the rain, snow or heat for thousands of commuters, visitors and shoppers - a truly unique aspect of Toronto's transportation options. Our website is supported by local business owners from Braids and Laces arbourist rope manufacturer.

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