Choosing between a house or a condo can be difficult because they both have so much to offer in terms of real estate choices. There are some important distinctions, obviously, one being between the choice between having a garage and backyard with a fabulous view like you might find within Hawaii real estate versus only a simple balcony but luxurious condominium like those you might find on condo listings for sale in Chicago. Some condos can be more affordable but houses can mean you don't need to rely on an elevator everyday. Whatever path you take just know that Toronto has a bit of something for every prospective home owner's desire: trendy lofts, luxury penthouses, modest condos, semi-detached and detached houses and townhomes!

Almost any resident of Toronto would tell you that their city is made up of a wide range of homes and properties and the variances in price can be mind boggling. Anything from lofts right downtown to Victorian mansions and riverfront homes with sweeping views can have varying price tags for similar features. TREB (the Toronto Real Estate Board) has put together a home price index for the city that you may find useful.

Toronto is a city that is full of hustle and bustle. It is the centre of activity for so many and has the largest stock market, one of the most prestigious hospitals, and one of the best universities in the country. People from around the globe come to Mount Sinai Hospital to get care unlike any other you would find. Toronto is also a focal point of shipping for the Great Lakes Region and all of this combined with other ingredients make Toronto one of the most exciting North American cities.

Several leading industrial sector companies have established headquarters in the city of Toronto. These would include the entertainment industry, the movie industry, health care, and trade and commerce. The top five Canadian banks have also established their head offices in the city. It is no wonder that real estate agents have little or no difficulty in selling properties to their clients because so many want to get closer to the big city for work or lifestyle perks.

Toronto remains a fertile hunting ground for job seekers. The commercial real estate market is vast and the cultural and entertainment attractions remain vibrant. Toronto is proudly the type of city that you could catch a show at the Royal Alexandra theatre, grab a bite to eat at Cluck Clucks, get a relaxing massage, and do some shopping all in the downtown core of one city.

Toronto is the place to be if you want to learn, participate, and help make a difference. This city will give you the chance to experience new things and venture into new places. Health care, education, job opportunities, and sporting events all combine to complete the perfect picture.

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