In addition to being the most important cities in Canada, one of the reasons why Toronto real estate can be so expensive, this metropolis is also one of the most storied. There are a lot of things to do and see here for people with a wide variety of interests. If you like the idea of watching how your real estate decreases or increases in value, you might want to take a trip to the floor of the Toronto stock exchange. If history is more your thing, take a look at old downtown Toronto and see where the rebels set fires to businesses in the Upper Canada rebellion.

In addition to those couple of thoughts, there are about a million other things to do in the city; however, there are always sites that attract more people every single year than any other. Most would consider these must see attractions, places where they have to take the whole family when they visit. Let's take a look at a few of the most important.

First of all, we have to mention the CN tower. In all of Canada, this huge building has to be the most recognizable. It is one of the tallest buildings in the world, and for a long time held the record of being the tallest. There's a glass floor and a restaurant at the very top, and you can never get closer to the experience of walking on air than when you stand on the glass floor. Be warned, though, if heights aren't your thing, your stomach might be roiling too badly to enjoy your meal!

If passing time at ground level is something you'd rather do, and you like a nice combination of shopping and diversity, take a trip over to Kensington Market west of Spadina Ave. There are goods from all over the world here, and you can get a great idea of Toronto's rich cultural mosaic too. Look for foods from all sorts of different ethnic backgrounds here, and find items that are sure to give your home a unique flavour.

Casa Loma is another great spot to get a piece of Toronto's rich history, as well as a bit of a laugh at the arrogance of failed projects by the wealthy. Casa Loma is as close as you will get to an actual castle in North America. The building itself is fascinating, and the gardens, tunnels, and other attractions surrounding it increase the draw factor of this iconic Toronto building. It has a very interesting history of ownership through the years, and even though it was vacant for a couple of long periods of time, it has fortunately never needed any extensive repairs or restoration. It is quite amazing that it has not suffered damage in the intervening years when it was not inhabited. The whole property is surrounded by beautiful gardens and it is quite possible you may draw inspiration for your own patio or garden. Find beautiful flowers and shrubs at nearby Humber Nurseries Ltd. and then find select some showpiece worthy patio furniture to turn your backyard into your own personal Casa Loma.

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