One of the great things about living in Toronto is that there's really nothing you could ever need that you can't get easily and quickly. When you first move to town, there will be a few important things you need to arrange to set up your new life.

When you first get to the city, what will you need? An apartment? Directions to the grocery store? No. It's transportation that will be your most immediate need. As soon as your plane lands, you will be bombarded with options. Do you want to take public transit into downtown? Ride a dedicated hotel shuttle to the inn where your room is booked? Or will you go out to the taxi stand and choose one of the waiting taxis to take you into town and drop you off at the friend's house where you're staying while you look for a place? It depends on your budget. Rental cars are most expensive, with taxis, shuttles and public transit following.

Once you get into town your focus will shift to securing yourself some living space. If you need to find condominiums, real estate agents can help you choose, evaluate, and put an offer in on a place quickly before your hotel room costs can eat up all your moving budget. Before you approach an agent, however, you should have some idea of what area of the city you want to live in and what sort of condo features you'll be looking for in your new place, such as parking or ensuite laundry.

If you're in Toronto to set up a new business rather than to take a job at one that already exists, the next thing you're going to need is some commercial real estate. The warehouse space found in Toronto comes in a variety of setups - it might be an older place with character that's perfect for setting up an artist studio or a museum or it might be a newer place with lots of security features that will protect the high tech merchandise you need to store. Regardless, you'll need a new agent for this search - a commercial agent rather than a residential one.

And finally, once you've got your living space and income sources sorted out, you'll need to set yourself up with service providers who can give you the necessities, such as a cleaning service, a car mechanic, and an emergency dentist clinic who can see you when you are in pain. There are many dentists and other service providers in Toronto, so use Google maps to find the ones that are closest. Make sure to meet with them to make sure you're comfortable letting them root around in your mouth. We would like to give a shout out to one of our financial supporters. Thank you to Wescor - Wastewater & Environmental Treatment Systems, for your continued sponsorship.

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