No matter what city you're thinking about buying real estate in, be it Montreal, Quebec, Vancouver, British Columbia, or Toronto, Ontario, you're going to have a lot of options to choose from. There are a wide range of houses, condos and lofts each has to offer. As well as various locations around town that those real estate properties are available in. A lot of people tend to want to live in the downtown area of whatever city they are so they can live in the heart of all the action.

There's nothing wrong with the downtown area. Especially downtown Toronto. Downtown Toronto is hip, trendy, exciting, vibrant and within access to all the popular hotspots around the town. It doesn't take a long time to get from your your property to wherever it is you plan on painting the town red. The only major drawback is that living in the downtown area is pricey. It's pricey for a reason though.

It's convenient as most condominiums and houses located in the downtown area are so close to everything. Sporting stadiums, restaurants, laundromats, record shops, movie rental stores, grocery stores, art galleries, etc. You name it and it's probably within walking distance. That's one of the major reasons why home ads feature prices that are so much more expensive than houses or condos located in the suburbs of Toronto.

Just like there's nothing wrong with living in the downtown area of Toronto, there's nothing wrong with living in the suburbs of Toronto. It's just that the suburbs doesn't offer quite the same bustling city life as the downtown core. Plus living in the suburbs might mean a longer commute to your job than if you lived downtown. Which could actually rule out the difference in price you would pay for a home compared to one in downtown. You might save money buying buy a house in the suburbs but you might be spending that money you saved on commuting costs. It's not cheap commuting every day, back and forth, from the suburbs to downtown.

When real estate shopping in Toronto, you have to weigh all these factors when deciding where to live. Can you live with the hefty price tag that comes with living here? Is it worth it to be closer to your job and trendy restaurants? If so, then downtown Toronto might be the place you'll be calling home soon.

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