There are many reasons to buy real estate in Toronto, and if you like the idea of distinct neighbourhoods blending with a larger city then you are certainly in the right place. Toronto has evolved over time neighbourhood by neighbourhood, and as a result there is a place to suit everyone's tastes and budget too. Let's take a quick look at a few of the neighbourhoods the city has to offer.

West Toronto

Bloor West Village is an ideal place for those raising families. The houses here could have been built by the same architect, as they all look quite similar. Built around World War I, they have a classic style that features large front porches and brick and stone trim. Several schools in the area, as well as fine shopping and superb dining and easy access to a dozen different parks, mean that the price tag of homes here is around $750,000.

Adjacent to Bloor West Village is the High Park area, where you are living in the middle of one of the most popular of Toronto's many green spaces. You're also still within walking distance of Bloor West, so shopping is easy to get to. The houses here are newer and a bit bigger on average, and that means you'll pay about $100,000 more than you would for a Bloor West home.

Central Toronto

In central Toronto, you will really start to see the diversity that the city is known for. If you are looking specifically for an expert real estate agent in Toronto, then this is the best place to find him or her. The University of Toronto is located right in this part of town, and that means there are cutting edge entertainment opportunities as well as some great homes.

Exemplifying the finest of what central Toronto has to offer is the Annex real estate location, a century old neighbourhood with beautiful houses that can sell for as much as $1,500,000.

Other neighbourhoods within this part of town are widely known for their gentrification, as they go from working class neighbourhoods to more upscale living spaces. Cabbagetown, Leaside, and North Toronto are all neighbourhoods that get a lot of attention in this area.

East Toronto

There are three big neighbourhoods in east Toronto, all with their own distinct flavour. The first thing people will tell you about is Beaches district and that the area is like a land apart from the rest of the city. Right on the shores of Lake Ontario, the Beaches district has been said to resemble a resort more than an urban neighbourhood!

Your first step is choosing which area you think suits your needs and wants best in a location. The Toronto Neighbourhood Guide can certainly come in handy when making that decision. You will factor in neighbourhood location, price, amenities, and more but the commute time will also play a role. You may find your dream condo in the Annex but if your dream job is in the other end of the city, the hour-long commute could be a deal breaker. Another potential roadblock may be averted if you are able to renovate your new home and rent part of it to tenants, to help cover the mortgage. Many people have done this successfully (as you've probably seen on HGTV shows), but you may not be aware that there can be tax breaks to help as well. Find out more here or here.

Once you do find the perfect location balance between work and home, you then need to talk about mortgage options. There is no sense in finding the perfect home to then learn you do not qualify for it. Your best bet is to weigh your options with a mortgage agent and then pre-qualify for a mortgage.

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