If you've ever lived anywhere in Canada then you have likely come across one 400-series highway. You might take one when you're going to visit your parents in Toronto from your home or could use one to go to work every day. Those living in Toronto and the surrounding greater Toronto area likely know these roads better than anyone. There are thousands of people who commute into the city for work, lessons, appointments, etc. at all hours of the day and if you're moving here then you're going to want to get to know the roads that you will be using on a regular basis.

The first thing to learn about the 400 series highways is that those that end in an even number go north to south and those that end with an odd number run east to west. So, if you're going from your condo to Kitchener for a business trip then you will want to get onto the 401 and might make use of the 403. If you're heading to Barrie or Markham then you will be using highways like the 404 and 410. This is opposite of interstate highways in America, where north and south highways are odd and east to west are even.

There are always going to be costs when you're commuting around the city every day. If you're living just outside of Toronto then one of the things that you might want to work into these costs is highway fees and tolls. If you're planning on taking the 407, which runs on a sort of diagonal and can cut down driving time significantly, then you will be expected to pay for your time on this highway. Some people who take it every day opt to get a transponder and pay that way.

There are many other ways to get around the greater Toronto area rather than just the 400 series highways. Toronto is home to the longest street in the world -- Yonge Street and there are many other single streets that can take you from downtown into surrounding communities. If you're trying to get to your appointment in rush hour then you might find that avoiding highways and taking alternate routes can actually get you there faster. There is also always the option of leaving the driving up to someone else and carpooling or taking public transit. On many routes buses and carpooling cars are given their own lanes. This could cut your travel time in half at certain points of the day.

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