Prospective homeowners are not generally shy about the anxiety home hunting gives them! Unless they're coming to Toronto from Vancouver, they're going to have to pay out a lot more money to own property than they did in their old city or town because Toronto real estate comes with a high price tag. So what's the point of living in Toronto? Torontonians never doubt that their city is worth the extra expense. In their minds, their city is the centre of the universe, and anyone who doesn't think so has obviously never been! If you're one of the many who hasn't seen Toronto, Ontario with your own two eyes, let us enlighten you on some of its features.

As you can see from any TV show that features agents helping a couple to buy a new condo, property in this city can be expensive; however, there are two ways you can look at the extra expense. The first is that Toronto has a wealth of properties with features you won't find in smaller cities, like high rises with rooftop gardens and restored Victorian homes, and these rare features cost more. The other way you can look at it is that high real estate prices are like a tax for living in the largest, most successful city in Canada.

Toronto's success stems from it being a hub for a number of Canadian industries. Most of Canada's movies, plays, and television shows are created here. Toronto also has its own stock market, the largest university in the country (University of Toronto), one of the most prestigious Canadian hospitals, and is a natural stopping point for shipments coming into the Great Lakes region. This thriving job market means Toronto often has one of the lowest unemployment rates, so it's a logical place for someone looking for a new job or start of a new life to move to.

However, Toronto didn't spring fully formed from the earth overnight. Its success is a combination of location and the vast amount of resources colonial powers (especially the British) invested in it over the years since its "discovery" by Europeans in 1750. This rich history means the city isn't just popular with businessmen looking to buy commercial real estate. Toronto is also popular with history buffs and archaeologists who are trying to piece together the history of Canada and the Native Canadians who were here long before. First Peoples of Canada has put together a summary of native tribes of Canada.

You can investigate this history yourself by visiting one of Toronto's many museums, such as The ROM, during your day off from work.. Or if you're more of an outdoors type, you can explore the preserved lakes and moraines that have been turned into city parks. There are, of course, plenty of malls, concerts, films, and sporting events to see as well. So you see, there are many benefits to living in Toronto, and we only highlighted a few!

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