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Form, footwear and footstrike: an e-book on running mechanics review with injury insights

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Published on: November 20, 2020

This post is a link to a pdf ebook on the presentation I gave for the MSK-Plus course November 25, 2012.  Below I give a brief intro into the confusion that surrounds these topics.  If you note a huge amount of uncertainty, a whiff of grey and lack of simple answers than your interpretation is correct.


The pdf file is form footwear and footstrike running mechanics ebook nov20 2 2012.

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What is a functional exercise for runners and athletes?

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Published on: November 16, 2020

A recent discussion was sparked by Mike Reinold’s thoughts on the Clamshell exercise. I found myself defending the lowly clamshell exercise for runners. I was discussing with other physios whether the clamshell exercise was less “functional” than a band walk exercise (where you put elastic bands around your knees/ankles and walk forwards, sideways or backwards).  I suggested that both were NOT (or equally) functional but agreed that both had their uses. I can tell  you, I convinced no one :) (more…)

Hip Centricity: A pictorial of hip exercises

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Published on: November 16, 2020

Audience: Patients

Purpose: I recommend a lot of  hip exercises and consider variety and novelty important for people in pain and for athletic injury rehabilitation.   This is just a catalog of pictures.  Please don’t do them and don’t consider these to be the be and end all for exercises.  Many other exercises can also be chosen to achieve your goals.  Below is a catalog of a number of exercises that you can use to train/stress your hips. (more…)

A review of Charlie Weingroff, his course and the SFMA

Purpose: To provide a very selective review of Charlie Weingroff’s course and how it actually fits with a neurocentric view of pain and function.

Audience: Therapists and strength coaches.  Patients who  have trouble sleeping.

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I took 2 days out of Charlie Weingroff’s course, Training = Rehab, Rehab = Training course here in Toronto from MSK-Plus.  MSK-Plus is a  continuing education company run by Dr. Glen Harris.  Dr. Harris has brought in a lot of great educators over the years and this course was not an exception. (more…)

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