Hip Centricity: A pictorial of hip exercises

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Published on: November 16, 2020

Audience: Patients

Purpose: I recommend a lot of  hip exercises and consider variety and novelty important for people in pain and for athletic injury rehabilitation.   This is just a catalog of pictures.  Please don’t do them and don’t consider these to be the be and end all for exercises.  Many other exercises can also be chosen to achieve your goals.  Below is a catalog of a number of exercises that you can use to train/stress your hips.










One Leg BackBridge









Basic Squat

Sit backwards into your heels to start this movement.  We want the stress to go through the hips to a greater extent than the knees.

You can add a strap around your knees and push outwards if you want to increase the hip challenge











Hip Thrusters (thanks to Bret Contreras)








One Leg Lateral DeadLift









One Leg Squat with lateral leg lift









Lateral Shift Bird Dog (Like a kneeling Hip Airplane)








Hip Airplane









What is missing and is to come

Variations on the bridge series

Hip Flexor Training

Olympic Lifts



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