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In Toronto:

The Urban Athlete

505 Eglinton Ave W, Suite 302

416 481 8880


In Oakville:

Oakpark Wellness Centre

231 Oak Park Blvd.
Oakville, ON L6H7S8

Phone: 905-901-3402


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  1. samuel cervantes says:

    Dr. Lehman,
    I just recently came across your website and have come to question all that I thought i knew about running biomechanics. I was wondering if could recommend any text books / journal articles that are an absolute must have in understand the biomechanics of running. I have attended many presentations / labs given by Dr. Ferber and find his work very insightful as well. Do you offer lectures / labs outside your clinic? Thank you Dr. Lehman and hope to hear from you soon!

    • Greg Lehman says:

      Hi Samuel,

      Dr Ferber knows more than I do. I would read everything he has published and then read Dr. Irene Davis’ body of work. Dr. Ferber has worked with Dr Davis and they have both created a great deal of great research. I would also recommend reading Dr. Chris Powers. All of these researchers can be found by searching their names on Pubmed. A good introduction to running biomechanics is from Jay Dicharry who recently published a review in Clinics in Sports Medicine. Jay Dicharry’s team have also produced a lot of good work. This is just a taste of the good work that is out there. I find that these researcher’s writings are the most “approachable”.

      Good luck,


  2. Barefoot Moe says:

    Hi Dr. Lehman,

    I’m writing in response to a comment you left in my post My take on CBC’s “Running Shoe Controversy” on March 21. I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you before. So it happens that the blog you left your comment on is a site I no longer use and is scheduled for archiving - the new and improved Barefoot Canada is now available at the link above.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my blog posting. I’m very much interested in the opinion of professionals like yourself who are taking the time to analyze the impact on our bodies of traditional footwear vs bare feet.

    I’d be interested in further discussing this (and anything else regarding barefooting) with you in order to gather some more material for future postings. Please contact me directly so we can set something up.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you,

    Barefoot Moe

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