Spine Stability Exercise Videos for Low Back Pain

by Greg Lehman
Published on: May 3, 2020
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Why: Common and safe exercises for the lower back.  While many exercises are advocated the majority of these are chosen because they train the trunk (i.e. core) musculature without imparting excessive stress on the spine

The Key: A commonality across these exercises is that the spine stays in neutral.  There is no extension or flexion or twisting during most of these exercises.

Pictures can also be seen at McGill’s Big Three post (click here) and here for the SI Joint)

1. Abdominal Hollowing

Why? While debatable this exercise attempts to target the transverse abdominis without training other muscles that surround your core.  The tranny works during all activities - it does not shut off as many people suggest.  However, it may be delayed.  Working this simple exercise (abdominal indrawing) has some surprisingly strong research support for both helping people with back pain and preventing the recurrence of back pain.

2. Bird Dog: Trains glutes, lower back muscles

3. Side Bridge and Front Bridge (some pictures here)

Notes: the arm does  not have to be lifted up, it can stay on your side or support your shoulder. Hold each position for 8 to 10 seconds.  This exercise can also be performed from the knees.

Below is the side bridge from knees variation without the rolling into the front bridge

4. Glut/Back Bridge

5. Squats with Hip Hinge

the squats below are great…just don’t do them so fast.  Squat down slowly for two seconds, hold for two seconds and come back up.

Notice how her back stays straight but she bends forward at her hip.  The chair is a good cue to help you get your butt backwards.

Instructions on how to body weight squat

6. Glut Max Muscle Energy Technique

While holding onto your leg attempt to straighten your hip…it should not move.  Hold this contraction for 10 seconds and repeat 5 times.




Greg Lehman

Toronto Physiotherapy

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