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Are you sure your hip flexors are tight? If so, why and who cares?

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Published on: March 31, 2020

Update: I am not the first to write about this area.  I found a great post by Todd Hargrove tackling the same topic and saying much the same (he does it more succintly and I address a few other areas as well).  His post is here:

The Tight Hip Flexor Bogeyman

We too often tell patients that their pain, dysfunction or poor performance on any movement is due to the great bogeyman of hip function - TIGHT HIP FLEXORS.  It is quite a go-to explanation for all things bad.  Where this idea started I don’t know but it is certainly propagated by the Lower Crossed Syndrome Theory.  This theory contends that dysfunction occurs when your pelvis is tilted forward as a result of tight hip flexors, weak glutes, tight low back muscles and weak abs.  At its heart, this theory assumes the body works like a puppet where we can tension and loosen our strings (aka muscles) and watch our pelvis dance into some assumed nasty or happy position. (more…)

The danger of hip extension - self care for Labral tears.

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Published on: January 28, 2021

Audience: Therapists, Strength Coaches and Patients

Purpose: Pointing out that not everyone has tight hip flexors and stretching the Psoas may be a very bad thing

Anterior hip pain is common and many of us feel a pinching, catching or inside thigh pain with squatting and other hip movements.  Physiotherapists and chiropractors will see this everyday and it is often challenging to treat due to its multifactorial cause.  This pain can manifest during walking, squatting (a pinching sensation felt during a squat) or during different exercises. There are certainly many causes and one possible cause of this anterior hip pain is stress applied to the anterior capsule of the hip joint.  In severe cases this can lead to what is called a labral tear. Functionally, you can refer to the dysfunction as excessive anterior femoral glide. (more…)

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