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Greg Lehman BKin, MSc, DC, MScPT

I am physiotherapist, chiropractor and strength and conditioning specialist working in Toronto at The Urban Athlete.  To me, everything I do falls under the Kinesiology field - the study of human movement.  I have a special interest in biomechanics and am particularly interested in posture (static) and form (dynamic posture).  Most of my time with patients is spent one-on-one using manual therapy techniques.  While I am no longer a strength and conditioning coach I use these principles to rehabilitate and improve the performance of my patients.

MScPT Physiotherapy (Queens University)
Doctor of Chiropractic (Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College)
MSc in Spine Biomechanics (University of Waterloo)
Bachelor of Kinesiology (McMaster University)
Exercise Biomechanics Researcher with > 20 publications
Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Provider (McMaster University)
Strength and Conditioning Specialist (National Strength and Conditioning Association)

Longwinded and slightly arrogant bio
Dr Lehman’s unique educational combination of physiotherapy, chiropractic and  strength and conditioning training is unmatched. These advanced  qualifications equal exceptional care and superior results. Couple this  with his Master of Science in Spine Biomechanics (the science behind  core stability) and years as a Clinical Professor and Researcher (the  science behind exercise and injury treatment) and you have an expert  manual therapist with superb training in corrective exercise to treat  and prevent injuries and pain.

Greg has been in the  rehabilitation field for more than 15 years. Following his undergraduate degree in Kinesiology he was awarded the Canadian Society for Exercise  Physiology Gold Medal for highest academic performance in Kinesiology  allowing him to obtain certification as a Strength and Conditioning  Specialist and Certified Fitness Appraiser. Greg’s success in university resulted in him being awarded a graduate scholarship (NSERC) to  Waterloo University to be 1 of only 2 Masters students studying with Dr Stu McGill, a world leader in Spine Biomechanics, exercise prescription and athletic performance. As a faculty member at the Canadian Memorial  Chiropractic College Greg developed a research program that produced  more than 20 publications on exercise biomechanics, golf fitness and  the science of manual therapy. Greg was subsequently awarded a  Researcher of the Year award by the Ontario Chiropractic Association.  While still in private practice Greg obtained a full time MSc degree in  Physiotherapy from Queens University. While other professionals will  pursue ongoing education with weekend seminars Greg has dedicated more  than 12 years of full time University education to becoming an extremely qualified and unique health professional.

Greg has years of  experience treating the full spectrum of aches and pains - from  internationally ranked marthoners to individuals with chronic pain  following a knee replacement. Greg utilizes soft tissue treatment  techniques (ART, myofascial release, nerve glides), corrective exercise, biomechanical analyses, manual therapy (both chiropractic and  physiotherapy), Contemporary Acupuncture and pain relieving modalities  for a comprehensive treatment strategy.

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