Todd Hargrove’s Book: A guide to better movement

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Published on: June 16, 2020

Guide-to-Better-Movement-3D-Transparent-BG-e1400717590270-212x300Todd Hargrove is a great fitness and health writer at  I’ve been talking with Todd for years and find his information and thought process excellent.

He has a new book out which I recommend to everyone.  I agree with much of it and the great thing with Todd is that we disagree on a lot too.  However, Todd is open to your disagreements and discussions about contentious issue.

You can Todd’s book at Amazon.

By the way, I get no kickbacks for this.


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  1. Hi Greg,

    Thanks very much for the recommendation! I didn’t notice this post when it came out. I can imagine what some of your disagreements would be about, but if you want to put together a post to summarize them I would be happy to respond.

    Thanks again Greg.

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