• Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Dylan Wykes - Olympic A Standard Canadian Marathoner (PR = 2:10:47)

Dylan winning Sacramento Marathon

As a marathon runner Greg’s expertise have been extremely beneficial to  me. Whether I have a minor ‘niggle’ or a major injury I am always  confident Greg will be able to diagnose and treat  the problem effectively. For me one of Greg’s greatest skills is his  ability to accurately diagnose an injury and set out a course of  treatment. On numerous occasions he has got me back up and running in  just a few treatments. His knowledge of current research on injuries and treatment techniques is fantastic, and he applies this knowledge to his work very effectively. It has always brought me peace of mind knowing  that the treatment I am receiving has proven to be effective not only in Greg’s own practice but also in large scale testing. Greg is constantly willing to change and adapt his therapy when healing is not happening  at the rate he thinks it should be. One of my greatest fears as an  endurance athlete is taking time off from training. Greg has an  excellent understanding of the demands of my training, my desire to  always train hard, and how my injury will affect my ability to training  at 100%. This understanding is a rare skill, and one that in my  experience few therapists recognize or have mastered. I will never  hesitate to refer someone I know to Greg, whether it be a fellow  athlete, family, or friend.

Follow and cheer for Dylan at http://www.time-to-run.com/dylanwykes/

Dr. Suzanne Zelazo, Professional Triathlete

(See Suzanne’s Trek Blog Here)

Suzanne killing it at a race

I began treatment with Dr. Greg Lehman following a stress fracture that  cost me my entire triathlon season. Under any circumstance such an  injury can be pretty distressing, but when racing professionally, losing one’s whole season can be devastating, and going from over 20 hours a  week of training to zero can wreak havoc on an athlete’s whole being!  Yet under Greg’s care, and as a result of his comprehensive, balanced,  and holistic approach to health, I gained an invaluable understanding of the difference between discomfort and injury-an awareness I mistakenly thought I already possessed. Greg has accompanied me in reintegrating  into my full training regime. Not only am I encouraged by the results,  but by addressing the biomechanical weaknesses that resulted in the  stress fracture, I feel stronger than ever and am armed with the secret  weapon of renewed body awareness and an attuned sense of proprioception.

As an academic I really value that Greg’s practice is backed by his own rigorous and prolific scholarship and that he is always abreast of the most current research world-wide. Furthermore, his extensive and diverse training make him a unique practitioner with a wide array of  modalities at his disposal, but this also makes him really convenient!  There is hard science backing his approach to be sure, and yet, Greg has a well-honed, intuitive manner of interaction with his patients such  that one can’t help but feel confident in his treatments. It is a manner  that affirms both how natural and how excellent a healer he is.

It is very clear that Greg wants his patients not to need him, rather that through his help, his patients can learn to use their own bodies to  heal. I regularly refer friends, colleagues, and training partners to  his office and am always confident they will leave as thrilled with his  work as I am!

Derrick Spafford - Ultrarunner and Coach http://www.healthandadventure.com

I train every day and have not taken a day off from running since 1989.  My typical training schedule for these demanding races includes running  between two to three hours most days, with long runs approaching eight  hours on occasion.

Injuries with this type of training schedule  are inevitable. Dr. Greg Lehman has been a large part of the reason why I have been able to continue to train and race at my maximum level for  these extreme events.

Greg has always been the first person I  would go to when an injury occurred, as well as when I’ve felt that my  body wasn’t functioning optimally performance-wise. His comprehensive  knowledge of what is going on with my running stride is second to none.  There have been many times that he has been able to turn around injuries that normally might have sidelined me from competing in races, and  gotten me to the start line healthy.

As a running coach, I have  also seen first-hand the tremendous results he has gotten with many of  my coaching clients who I have sent to him for treatment.

I highly recommend Greg Lehman’s services for preventative and post-injury treatment.

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