Neurodynamic Nerve Slider Pictures - helping people with pain

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Published on: March 1, 2021

Below I have created neurodynamic nerve slider pictures.  I use them in handouts for patients and now you can too!  They are strongly inspired (ahem, completely based on) David Butler’s work.

ulnar nerve contralateral neck flexion slider
Ulnar nerve start
ulnar nerve ipsilateral neck flexion with tensioned distal
Ulnar nerve end
femoral nerve end
Femoral nerve start
femoral nerve glide with hip flexion
Femoral nerve end
long sitting knee bent
Sciatic nerve slump sitting start
long sitting knee straight
Sciatic nerve slump sitting end
median nerve contralateral flexion
Median nerve start
median nerve slider start
Median nerve end
radial nerve contralateral neck flexion
Radial nerve start
radial nerve wrist flexed and pronated
Radial nerve
slump slider neck down start
Slump slider start (Sciatic/tibial nerve)
slump slider neck up knee straight
Sciatic nerve end with tibial branch bias
slump slider start
Sciatic nerve slump start
slump slider with peroneal nerve bias
Sciatic nerve slump end with Peroneal nerve bias


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  1. What software did you use for this? Do you not find the trunk has to be quite a bit more flexed for the femoral slump?

    • Greg Lehman says:

      The software is Poser. Yes, I slump them as much as possible or at least the amount that initially recreates the symptoms. The lack of flexion may have to do with my animation skills.

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